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Seeing the world with an artist's vision,
with watercolor artist, teacher & author

Larry Dubitsky, M.S.

Larry Dubitsky Watercolor Artist

Signature Prints Beautiful, high quality reproductions of Larry Dubitskys soul inspiring one-of-a-kind (privately collected) original water colors.

All Signature Prints are 17 in. at their widest dimension.  They are called Signature Prints because I have individually signed each one. As the artist, I hope you will enjoy looking through this web site. If you have a question or comment I would love to hear from you

With love,

Larry Dubitsky


There are four categories of Signature Prints

Category 1: Paintings Most of these paintings were created from imagination, or from remembrance of a feeling or an event.  For example, the hut in the Andes Mountains became a mental symbol of the places of power, like Machu Picchu and other vortexes of high vibrations that exist in that area.  The flashing lights on top of the mountains are indications of this power. 

Category 2: Sketchbook The second category is called sketchbook.  These pages, taken directly from my sketchbooks, show the speed with which Im able to capture character. Thats why my work has a Zen-quality. All of these sketches have two or more figures on the page that I have related to each other.  The sketches, therefore, are exciting because their composition and aesthetic sense tell a story.

Category 3: Nudes These nudes are more intricate studies of the human form than those in the Sketchbook category.  The nudes celebrate the bodys beauty as well as its flaws. Mostly these nudes communicate the human dignity and grace that shines from the soul. Each drawing depicts the persons uniqueness.  I love drawing nudes with character and dignity, whether they are fat, skinny, or beautifully proportioned, they are all beautiful to me.

Category 4: Characters These are pictures of real people l know and love. Each person is unique in his or her own fashion. Each painting reflects the quality or qualities that make the person dear to me. I try to communicate their inner strength.  

These prints recreate a feeling or an emotional experience that can be communicated and in no other way. 


We feel privileged to have four of Larry's paintings in our home.  The two landscapes bring about feelings of tranquility; the portrait of the violist is a study  in depth and intensity of character; the rhythmic contours in the study of the nude woman are mesmerizing.  While each painting is its own microcosm, we find that all of them communicate feelings of peace and well-being.

-- Tony and Debbie Levy,
Denver, CO.


Each painting has the joy of a freshly picked flower. I love the energy in Larrys work. I dont know how to describe it exactly. All I know is, when we look at Larrys paintings, we are somehow transformed. Whenever friends or family look at Larrys work, a subtle smile appears on their faces. I think its a reflection of the spirit of the paintings. There is an indefinable lyrical quality to Larrys work that captivates me. His brush strokes on canvas are like a musicians notes on a staff. Larrys images draw me into a world that unites us all on some level. Its that connection that gives me pleasure every time I see his work in my home.

-- Patricia Dennis,
Pasadena, CA.